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Iolite Gift Ideas

If you are planning to present something unique to someone close to your heart, then you can present exquisite jewelry studded with iolite. Iolite gift

ideas are quite innovative and gradually gaining popularity.

If any person has a fascination for blue or violet then iolite gift ideas will be appropriate for her. Buy a simple but elegant jewelry studded with the pale blue colored stone. The color and appearance of the gem is best revealed when studded in silver. A simple silver ring with iolite designed in a floral pattern makes a very attractive gift item.

You can also present a simple ring with a vibrant iolite on it. The person whom you are presenting this exclusive gift can wear it during any occasion. An emerald cut iolite with a couple of amethyst on either side of a sterling silver ring is an apt present for birthday or anniversary. A silver and platinum ring with iolite can gifted to any person on any occasion. A silver ring with iolite, amethyst, peridot, garnet, citrine, amber and blue topaz made in a pattern of dragon is a modern as well as innovative design which can be gifted to any teenager.

Iolite is a pale blue or violet blue colored gemstone whose chemical name is Magnesium Aluminum Silicate. The name iolite comes from the Greek word Ios
meaning violet. The color of this precious gemstone varies as you view them from different directions. However iolite is often confused with sapphires as both have a bluish appearance. In Sri Lanka Iolites are popularly called water sapphires due to their pale blue color. In fact iolite is available to a great extent in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Brazil and Madagascar.

Iolite is generally associated with the Viking explorers who determined the directions with the help of iolite. Iolite when cut and polished iolite turns into gems, which increases its commercial value.

A combination of iolite and other precious gemstones can make an excellent piece of necklace. Gift a necklace interlocked with garnet and iolite to your friend. A simple silver necklace with iolite pendent can be gifted to people of all ages. Beautiful necklace with iolite, garnet, citrine, pink tourmaline will leave you mesmerized. Blue iolite together with blue moonlight set in a silver chain can be worn with any outfit and is one of the excellent iolite gift ideas.

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