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Hematite Gift Ideas

Hematite is one of the most ancient gemstones that has been in use. Back in ancient times the Egyptians placed hematite jewelry in the tombs of pharaohs.

Some hematite occur in soft earthy fine grained forms. These are known as red ochre or ruddle and was used in primitive times to make cave paintings. Hematite gift ideas range from fashionable accessories to spiritual items. Hematite is said to possess healing properties for aches and pains.

Gift one of the religious rosary beads made of hematite to a religiously inclined relative. The hematite rosary beads are available in various designs. Silver plated crucifix with heart shaped rosary beads made out of hematite, hematite rosary bracelet, pearl and hematite oval shaped rosary beads, papal hematite rosary, blue cloisonné heart rosary beads are some of the religious hematite gift ideas. You can also get a window box with a rosary bead and verse. First communion rosary beads are also a popular buy.

Magnetic hematite anklets and bracelets are good for your health. These are said to stimulate circulation and relive joint aches. They are available in various attractive designs as a result these can be worn as a fashionable accessory. These are great hematite gift ideas for your sister, cousin or wife. You can also gift these to a friend. Easy on the pocket these are an useful buy.

Hematite rings are other good hematite gift ideas. Rings are tokens of your love
and promise. These little bands on the fingers are charming adornments and can be worn on special occasions as well as regularly.

Available in floral, geometric and animal motifs these are apt to gift anybody. The hematite bee ring is a very appealing piece that is sure to catch your eye. This depicts a queen bee with wings spread, plated in gun metal. Silver and hematite, hematite donut and hematite bands are the various ring options that you have. Another hematite gift option is a hematite slab. Crude hematite is cut and polished to display a shiny, lustrous block. These are great show pieces that come with a stand. You can gift this fascinating piece on anniversary, birthday or as a house warming present.

Hematite bracelets are quiet popular hematite gift ideas that apart from possessing healing properties, is also trendy and attractive jewelery. Purple and lilac hematite bracelet, silver and hematite bracelet, pink hematite bracelet, green hematite bracelet, golden hematite bracelet, black and white hematite bracelet, shell structured hematite bracelet are some examples available.

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