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Hawk's Eye Gift Ideas

The hawk's eye or falcon's eye as it is sometimes referred to, is a bluish gray form of the tiger's eye. This fascinating colored gemstone is a rare

formation of the latter and is made into attractive jewelry. Hawk's eye gift ideas include showpieces, jewelry and decorative items.

It is believed that the hawk's eye has certain special properties. Generating communication is one of the key features of this particular gemstone. The energy transmitted helps to conceive ideas and implement them as well. A good luck charm for the owner, many hawk's eye gift ideas are centered around astrological and spiritual beliefs. Extend your best wishes with a hawk's eye gift item. If you have a friend whose birthday is between March 21st and March 30th then giving a hawk's eye pendant or earring is very appropriate. Hawk's eye is the lucky stone of Aries born in these dates.

Fashionable bracelets are available that contains hawk's eye and some other semi precious stones. This is a great gift to give away on friendship day. Easy on the pocket this is an affordable token of friendship. Other trendy hawk's eye gift ideas include a pair of danglers made of pearls, shells and hawk's eye. Subtle in design these are regular wear items made out of sterling silver. A matching hawk's eye necklace to go with it is also available. You can in fact make an
entire set complete with neck piece, bracelet and earrings. These are light on weight and can be worn in any occasion. Friends, relatives and family members, this hawk's eye jewelry set can be gifted to anybody.

You can gift your wife a pair of hawk's eye earrings or a bangle on your anniversary. Hawk's eye boxes, cane heads, ornamental heads, hearts, obelisks, pyramids, snuff bottles and figurines are some hawk's eye gift ideas. These decorative pieces are quiet eye catching and can be put in any part of the house. In ancient times hawk's eye were placed in eye sockets of animal figurines as eyes. Carved out of other semi precious stones and wood these figurines had eyes that looked real.

Ann's Gemstone jewelry is one of the companies that manufactures hawk's eye jewelry. Ann uses an amazing color theme and each design is unique. All the jewelries are set on sterling silver bases and wires and beads together with semi precious stones, wooden pieces and shells make fascinating fashionable pieces.

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