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The warm hues of the garnet makes it a very attractive gem. This gemstone when set in necklaces, earrings or pendants make great gifts. These garnet gift ideas

are tokens that you can giveaway to commemorate a special event.

A fact that is rarely known to people is that garnet is available in multiple color shades. Though red dominates as the favorite and the most common. Fashionably jewelry is now carved out of garnet as more sites are discovered. These attractive adornments are fashionable garnet gift ideas that can be presented to a loved person.

Garnet tear drop necklace, silver necklace with garnet welded pendents, garnet and amethyst necklace are some of garnet neck pieces. Gifting a heart shaped pendant set in garnet is a beautiful romantic present for your beloved. A matching earrings with a pair of bangles complete a garnet jewelry set. These garnet gift ideas are perfect for presenting on anniversaries, valentine's day or your wife's birthday. Amethyst, peridot and garnet have been combined attractively in floral or geometric motifs to construct a necklace. This is a great gift that suites any occasion. The neck piece is available with matching earrings and bracelet. These are fashionable yet feminine with a subtle elegance. A perfect gift for your wife, daughter or sister.

Anniversaries and valentine's day are opportunities where you can gift a special one a small token of your love. Check out the romantic garnet gift ideas. A bracelet with a heart shaped garnet is the perfect gift for your husband on your anniversary. Three garnet hearts welded together in a simple necklace is a very symbolic gift. It is an ancient belief that garnet symbolizes love. Three hearts indicate your love for your beloved at present, in the past and for the coming years. A simple gesture says it all for you.

Garnet rings constitute impressive garnet gift ideas. Oval garnet rings set in silver or gold, diamond and garnet ring, heart shaped rings encrusted with garnet are some examples. A stunning ring comprises garnet and amethyst. A large amethyst stone is surrounded by small clusters of tiny garnets. All this is set in a sterling silver base. Garnet earrings are also attractive pieces that you can gift your mother on mothers day. Silver stud earrings or gold plated earrings decorated with garnets. This is a simple way to appreciate the care that your mother bestows on you.

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