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Fluorite Gift Ideas

Fluorite is a unique stone that can be carved and polished to reflect green, purple or bluish shades. Chemically fluorite is known as calcium fluoride. These

are mainly obtained in places, which has deposits of fluorine. The presence of sedimentary rocks and limestones in such areas lead to the formation of fluorite. The multiple colors of the stone has fascinated people for a long time. Today fluorite has been cast in different shapes and is used for different purposes. Fluorite gift ideas include jewelry and show pieces.

Fluorite pendants and neck pieces are some great fluorite gift ideas. A fluorite pendant in green and purple color strung in a silver chain makes a great birthday or anniversary present. Purple fluorite combined with pearls strung together in a gray and white necklace is a beautiful gift for a loved one. A special mothers day gift or a present for your grandmother's birthday, this elegant necklace may also be gifted to your wife on Christmas. Fluorite pendant on leather, fluorite tooth locket on leather, heart shaped fluorite pendant are some of the fluorite gift ideas. Trendy these can be gifted to a young sister or cousin. Your young daughter will appreciate this as a graduation present.

Fluorite, quartz and hematite necklace with a matching bracelet or earring is another one among the fluorite gift ideas. Fluorite is available in multiple colors, so you can get a fluorite jewelry set that matches a dress owned by your
mother or daughter. Fluorite has been mixed with several other materials to create beautiful pendants. Combining natural Danburite, blue chalcedony and Yttrian fluorite, a locket has been created, which is of spiritual importance. The owner is said to be blessed and fluorite is believed to give relief from pain. Yttrian fluorite or lavender fluorite is a rare type of purple fluorite. This is a great gift for a person believing in stone therapy. One can also wear it as a fashionable adornment.

Pyramids of fluorite are a fascinating decorative item. The translucent pieces glow in the sunlight and reflect different colors. These make a great gift that can be placed in a sunlit corner of the room. The corner will be vibrant with multiple colors. Spiritually it is said to generate positive energy. Decorative show pieces of fluorite in floral, animal or abstract themes are some other fluorite gift ideas.

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