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Emerald Gift Ideas

Gifting an emerald for anniversaries and special occasions is a traditional custom. Emerald gift ideas include pendants, rings, neck pieces and other


Emerald is said to bring good fortune to the owner. It is the symbol of new hope, life and long lasting love. It was believed in ancient times that possessing an emerald helped to increase memory capacity. This gemstone is also said to be the symbol of fertility. Safeguarding against negative energy was believed to be part of the powers of the emerald. This birthstone of May is gifted in many wedding anniversaries and even birthdays. Getting an emerald jewelry for Christmas or on the birth of a child are common practices.

Rings encrusted with diamond and emerald, a gold chain with an emerald pendant, emerald drop earrings, gold and emerald necklaces are some emerald gift ideas. Some emerald rings that can be gifted on any occasions include diamond and emerald ring on a gold base, emerald and diamond accent ring, emerald stack ring in yellow gold and emerald solitaire ring. Match your apparel with your jewelry. A green dress is complimented by a matching emerald set. You can get your wife emerald earrings with an emerald pendant for her birthday. You can even get a
matching shade of emerald. Light transparent, vivid green or raw opaque green are some types of emeralds.

Emeralds are a popular choice for engagement rings. Take your pick from a single emerald stone, emerald and ruby or emerald and amethyst and many others. For 55th wedding anniversary it is conventional to give emeralds. Emerald gift ideas for your 55th wedding anniversary include a diamond and emerald studded rings, emerald lockets or even an emerald brooch. Your beloved is sure to be pleased with the thoughtful gesture. For your grandmother getting an emerald brooch is a good gift idea.

In olden times emerald hair combs were used by queens and duchess. Ladies from affluent families had collection of combs. Browse through the antique shops and you may get an emerald encrusted comb. This is an interesting idea among the emerald gift ideas. Bracelets set in emerald with a gold or silver base can also be given for birthdays and christenings. Bangles studded with emerald and diamonds are very attractive that can be given on Christmas or as a graduation present. Ruby and emerald floral pattern rings with matching earrings and a pendant can be gifted as a set.

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Gemstones Gift Ideas

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