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Charoite Gift Ideas

Selecting Charoite as the gemstone is one of the wise things to gift someone you have decided to give a gemstone. Apart from the natural beauty of this

gemstone, there are many mystical powers attached to it. So, Charoite gift ideas are varied to a long range. You can make use of these gift ideas for different reasons.

It is believed that Charoite has its name from the river of Charo. Moreover, Charoite is known to be the symbol of bravery. This is why Charoite gift ideas can be useful in case you are giving an item to a courageous person.

The color of Charoite varies a lot. Prices of the stones vary according to the colors and shapes. Bright lavender is one of the common colors in which this gemstone is found. Dark purple, violet and lilac are the other known colors apart from some of the rare ones with white and gray. All the colors have their own significances. Rarity of the gemstone increases the price of the gem.

Hence, it completely depends upon you whether to go for common or for the rare gems to be presented. Limestone is alternatively distributed in the composition of the Charoite stones. This is the primary reason for the exotic design they have. The crystalline patterns inside the gemstones add to the appeal of these

As far as it is known, Russians were the first discoverers of this stone in the year 1947. Murun Mountains was the region where it was found. Still, the use of Charoite gemstone actually began from the year 1978 in the Western countries. This was the year when Charoite was used as a material for the ornament.

Like other gemstones, it is believed that Charoite also has some of the healing properties. Many of us suffer from insomnia and a piece of Charoite gem is believed to be good for the people who are suffering from this disease. Hence, you can make use of Charoite gift ideas in these cases.

This stone is a great source of positive energy. Therefore, wearing the ornament with this gemstone may bring change to the wearer's personality. You can use the Charoite gift ideas for your friend or relative who is suffering from self-esteem. The dark color of the stone is thought to be the connection to good spirit.

Russia is the main country where Charoite gemstones are found in large numbers. Chary river is the area where the stones are available. Rarity of the stone is generally caused by the hostile weather in some parts of this country.

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