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Cat's Eye Gift Ideas

If you have decided to gift someone a gemstone, Cat's Eye is one of the options that you can try out. Cat's Eye gift ideas can be applied for various

occasions. As the name depicts, this gemstone really looks like the eye of a cat. Hence, the beauty of this gemstone is the main reason behind its appeal.

On the other hand, like all other gemstones, Cat's Eye also has some of the mystical characteristics, which are useful in healing ailments. There are also variations in the colors of Cat's Eye gems. Even the prices of the Cat's Eye gemstones are also varied according to their availability.

According to the Hindus, there are many spiritual effects of a Cat's Eye gemstone. Ketu is the planet that is influenced by the aura of a Cat's Eye gemstone. There are some of the certain materials, which are available in a Cat's Eye. Among them, the mentionable ones are chromium and iron. These elements are responsible for the design like the eye of a cat. The greenish and brownish tints are also beautiful. There are also white fibers found in the composition of the gemstone, which add to the effect of these stones. The Hindus believe that on a Thursday evening, one must wear the Cat's Eye.

If your are thinking of presenting Cat's Eye to someone on his birthday, then
there are several Cat's Eye gift ideas, which you can use by presenting him or her a ring. Besides, even presenting a gem would be a great idea. In most of the cases, the gemstones are honey-brown in color. A shadow is created inside the gem when light passes through it. This light makes it look like milk white. Cat's Eye has some resemblances with Alexandrite. Making a Cat's Eye ring or earring is not an easy job. Only expert and professional craftsmen can prepare them.

Cat's Eye is the gemstone that reflects the personality of a man or a woman. Cat's Eye is also believed to develop the personal aura. So, Cat's Eye gift ideas can be used for the young men and women who want to gain self-esteem.

You can present Cat's Eye studded ring, which is flanked by diamonds on either side to your husband or boyfriend. He will be delighted to receive such a beautiful gift. However, a little costly, yet sparkling ring will be loved by him. It is distinctly masculine ring can be gifted on occasions like Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary and birthday.

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