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Calcite Gift Ideas

Gemstones are regarded as precious items to keep as collection. Not only their beauty, but their mystical powers also appeal to people. Calcite is one of the

main gems, which are largely used for making ornaments. So, you can use different Calcite gift ideas and present your loved ones beautiful gifts.

The idea of spirituality is related to Calcite and has increased the charm of this gem. The very color of the gem is quite near to saffron, the perfect color of spirituality. Happiness and good health are also believed to be the results of the influence of Calcite on a person. If you are also thinking about gifts, then read on to get information on Calcite gift ideas.

There are several Calcite gift ideas, which you can use to shower gifts on your loved ones. These gems are not only used in the ornaments, but also in sculptures and other gift items. Among the ornaments, there are Calcite adorned bracelets. These bracelets are also known as power bead bracelets because Calcite stone is known to have positive effect on the wearers. Price of these bracelets generally depends upon the quality of polish. The golden aura of the gemstones will certainly give your mind a great positive strength. Other than these bracelets,
these stones can also be used in earrings as well as rings for finger.

Buddha statues are very favorite gift items among all. There are many kinds of Buddha and laughing Buddha sculptures, which are made up of Calcite. Keeping them in the room is believed to bring good fortune in the upcoming days. So, you can easily make use of Calcite gift ideas while presenting someone on heir wedding or on their wedding anniversary.

You can even gift these sculptures when someone is shifting to a new residence and has thrown a housewarming party.

Besides general Buddha statues, there are sculptures of angels made from Calcite. These are also perfect corporate Calcite gift ideas. So, you can gift your boss or a colleague beautiful Buddha miniatures.

Thumb stones and palm stones made of Calcite gemstones have great popularity. There are different colors in which they are available in the market. Blue thumb stones made from Calcite can be given to someone for whom you have good wishes in your heart.

Holding this stone in the palm is believed to have mystical effect on the personality of that person. You can also go for a Calcite made crystal heart and present it to your girlfriend, which she can wear on Valentine's Day. Blue crystal eggs are also perfect gift items that can be kept in office or at home.

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