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Amber Gift Ideas

Amber is one of the popular stones. People of all countries adore this stone for its elegance. Amber can be presented as an exclusive gift to your dear and

near one. You may gift ornaments made of amber to your girlfriend or to your daughter. Amber gift ideas are really very exciting. Many types of ornaments can be made using this precious stone. Raw amber may be presented on any occasion. The person who is receiving the gift may make jewelry inlaying the gemstone.

One of the very exciting amber gift would be amber rings inlaid with the gem. Amber rings are very popular among both men and women. Not only amber rings but amber gift ideas also include amber bracelets. The amber bracelets are famous for their elegance, beauty and healing powers. You can also gift green amber bracelet to someone special. The green colored Caribbean Amber looks stunning. Some other gift ideas include amber pendants. Amber pendants are often used for its wonderful look.

Amber gift ideas include amber rosaries. Amber rosaries are used by the devotees at the time of worship. Amber rosaries are made inserting one after another amber beads in the string. The idea of amber necklace is one of the very exciting amber
gift ideas. Amber necklaces are very popular among women. Those who play chess can have amber chess sets. Besides, the idea of presenting amber chess sets is one of the most exciting amber gift ideas.

Amber gift ideas include presention of hand carved goods made of amber. Statues of famous persons, gods and animals are carved out of the raw amber.

Man has been carving amber for many centuries. Amber gift boxes made carving the raw amber are very exclusive in look. The person who is receiving the gift will keep this box as one of his favorite possession. Jewelery boxes made of amber is one of the most exquisite amber gift ideas.

There are various amber gift ideas and at the same time the gem is very gorgeous in appearance. This precious stone is very attractive for the traders and also for the craftsmen. Amber is found in huge quantities in Lithuania. This is also the national gem of this Baltic country. Amber is the fossil of the resin of the Pine tree. Kings and nobles in the medieval age longed to keep this stone in their custody.

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