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Alexandrite Gift Ideas

Gems are precious. They are lucky too. Alexandrite is one of the most precious gems. There are various gift ideas, which are related to this precious stone. If

you are planning to gift someone an item with gem, check out the Alexandrite gift ideas. This gem is actually one of the variations, which are found among the stones of Chrysoberyl category.

Many gift items are available in the market where Alexandrite is used for the purpose of adornment. The Alexandrite gift ideas have a wide horizon. Just go through the following to know how this gem can be used in gift items.

Alexandrite is famous for the luminance of this gem. There are various reasons for this unique quality. To state it clearly, Alexandrite has the characteristic of absorbing some of the colors of light. This is the reason variations in the luminance is noticed in this gem. It appears to be green in color when daylight is reflected through it.

On the other hand, the color changes at night when any kind of artificial light is passed through it. Alexandrite appears to be a reddish purple gem in the artificial light. The cut of the gem also brings out variety of the color and its luminance. There are various shapes of Alexandrite, which show its brilliance.
Some cuts of Alexandrite can make it orange in color, too.

One can present an Alexandrite gift item to one who is born under the sign of Gemini. In this context, this gem is compared with moonstone and pearls.

If you are wondering for the right gem to be given to a couple who have spent more than forty-five years of their conjugal life together, then Alexandrite is the most appropriate. A marriage anniversary is the right time to gift this gem. This gem can be easily fitted to any kind of ornament. However, it is wise to fit it on a ring in order to give the wearer the chance to see the change in its color. It is also a trend to present items with Alexandrite on them on the 55th year of someone's marriage. This is, in fact, one of the best-known Alexandrite gift ideas.

Alexandrite is also believed to be good for the patients of nervous diseases. So, you can easily gift an Alexandrite ring to someone who is suffering from any kind of problem in the nervous system. Pancreas and spleen also stay in good health by the influence of Alexandrite.

As Alexandrite is one of the most sensitive stones, it should be kept carefully to avoid scratches, and away from rough chemicals and extreme point of temperatures.

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