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Funny Gift Ideas For Friends

If you want to be a bit naughty and want to play a prank on your friend then you would discover some of the excellent funny gift ideas for friends in this portal.

All the major gift shops boast of funny gifts which you could buy and present to your friends. One of the funny gift ideas for friends which you could consider includes t-shirts with funny messages on it. Some of the funny sayings which you could get printed on your t-shirt include 'unemployment is not working' or some thing funnier. Some of the other funny gift ideas for friends are mentioned below.

The car owning friends could be gifted with bumper stickers having funny messages. A lot of other funny gifts are available which are suitable for your friend who owes a car. You friend is likely to have hysterical fits of laughter when you gift him with one of your funny gifts. You could also try and get those gag toys which are available in the gift shops for your friends. Gag toys are the preferred funny gift ideas for friends which you could also opt for.

If your friend likes playing pranks on others then you could gift him with one of the small remote controls by using which any television set could be operated. This is one of the funny gift ideas for friends which you have. Make him / her aware of the possibilities of pranks which exists as far the small remote control is concerned. He could very easily change channels in a bar just when a very interesting sporting event reaches its conclusion. Your naughty friend is unlikely to be able to control his laughter when he sees his friends banging their head against the table.

Another very interesting one of the funny gift ideas for friends includes the toilet monster. It is nothing but a toy which can be attached to the inside of the toilet. As your friends lift the toilet seat up they are bound to be startled by the sight of the toilet monster which springs out of the toilet bowl. They are unlikely to complain about leaving the toilet seat up after they get the shock of their life. The gifts could also be used as funny gift ideas for different occasions.

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