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Eco Friendly Gift Bags

Each year people spend lots and lots of dollar on gifts and gift wrapping.

This trend increases during festival season, especially the Christmas. Unfortunately all the gift wraps and gift bags are converted into waste within no time. So why not buy something that not only makes your gift very presentable but at the same time it is friendly to the environment.

Eco friendly gift bags can be made from recycled material, cotton, bamboo fabric, banana fabric, biodegradable material by using earth friendly dyes.

If you are worried about the designs and presentation of these eco friendly gift bags then to your surprise the eco friendly gift wraps come in all sorts of designs. Even if you want then you can get customized gift bags in different shapes and sizes.

Here we are presenting some of the remarkable eco friendly gift bags ideas for you that can be used as earth friendly alternatives for wrapping their gifts.

Eco Friendly Gift Bag Ideas

100% Pure Cotton Gift Bags

100% pure cotton gift bags are actually the most demanding eco friendly gift bags as these can be reused to n number of times. So if you are looking for an option of non disposable eco friendly gift wrap then you can buy the cotton gift bags. Cotton gift bags do not shrink or tear away like paper bags. There are many companies who can custom design this for you. Eco Bags sell beautiful cotton gift bags and also they give the option of customization.

If you are looking for wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of the same then you can visit Alibaba for the same as they have complete list for the same.

Color, design, size, type of strings has no limits in this category as you can buy the cotton gift bags in numerous such designs and colors. Also you can choose the shape of the gift bag depending upon the shape of the gift you want to wrap.

Eco Centric Bags also sell all kinds of eco friendly cotton gift bags. You can buy reusable bags, recycled gift bags etc for different kinds of gift wrapping.

Recycled Paper Gift Bags

Nashville Wrap is a great place where you will find all sorts of bags including recycled paper gift bags for all kinds of gifts. You can even create a custom print packaging for your recycled paper gift bag. Nashville is the B2B distributor of decorative packaging products.

Treecycle is another place to find recycled paper gift bags. Along with this you can also find the grocery bags, wine gift bags, wrapping tissues, potpourri gift bags, biodegradable gift bags and more.

Bamboo Fabric Gift Bags

I personally like bamboo and bamboo gifts so much that every time I go to market I bought one or two products of this marvelous eco friendly plant. Bamboo fabric is anti microbial in nature and so does its products. You can easily and without any tension replace the plastic or paper gift wrappers with bamboo fabric gift bags. Also these gift bags are really very strong and durable.

Bamboo fabric is processed in totally eco friendly environment and also azo free and chlorine free dyes are used to color it. Check out Bambooya collection for bamboo gift bags.

Banana Fiber Bag

Have you heard of banana fiber? I must accept that I haven't heard about this earlier. I came across the banana fiber while writing this article. Banana fiber is made from the banana tree bark with the process of extraction. Apart from gift bags it is also used for making coasters, table mats, floor mats, home furnishings and table runners.

GoGreen Products has beautiful banana gift bags. The meaning and value of your gift will change with this great green product.?

Also you can buy it from Craftsvilla.

Biodegradable Gift Bags

Biodegradable gift bags are environment friendly with option of plastic and paper as these can be decomposed into natural elements by bacteria under natural environmental conditions.

Green Promotional Items sell many kind sof biodegradable eco friendly gift bags. You can pick different bags for different purposes and gifts. You can imprint the logo of your own choice on these biodegradable gift bags that are hypoallergenic.

Jute Gift Bags

Jute gift bags are the most natural looking bags. But with time clear variations in design and color have been noticed.

IslePac has all kind sof very beautiful jute gift bags. Their collection includes jute gift bag for wine, mini bags, window bags and jute bottle bags.

Also you can look for the gift bags made from organic cotton, burlap, canvas and blend with resins made from biodegradable agents.

Hope this article will help you in finding the perfect gift bags for wrapping your gift.

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