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Bamboo Gift

When you gift somebody then why not to think about the environment, preserving it, taking care of it and going green while giving gifts.

Bamboo gift is one of its own kind of gift idea that preserve the nature. Another good thing that is associated with bamboo gift is that it is made from the renewable bamboo plant. Also if you are buying bamboo gifts then you also helping the environment as your are preventing the deforestation.

Bamboo Gift Ideas

Bamboo Air Fresheners

Bamboo charcoals are really great air fresheners. These bamboo charcoals can take away the bad smell from any place. So you can keep it in the kitchen, or in the refrigerator or even in your bin. So now you are using the the pure and natural air fresher that is far better than the artificial one. Not only this but bamboo air freshers keep the humidity under control and keep the negative ions away from your home. You can present this bamboo gift to your mom or Family.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a one of the most popular bamboo gift ideas. It is a small ornamental bamboo plant that can be kept at the center table, dining table or even at your office desk. Also the lucky bamboo as the name suggest is considered lucky for the recipient. Chinese have used this plant for positive energies and good fortune. So why not to gift someone a good fortune.

Bamboo Blinds and Shades

If you want to give an eco-friendly gift then consider buying the bamboo blinds and shades. These blinds are really very easy to install and clean. At the same time these are hypo-allergenic. So if you know that a person you want to gift is suffering from some allergies then this bamboo gift can be one of the best gift ideas.

Bamboo Chopping Board

If you want to gift something related to kitchen and looking a gift for your mom then please her with bamboo chopping board. It is really great in look and does not stained. To give bamboo chopping board a darker color, it is made to go through the carbonization process in which bamboo tray is heated that caramelize the natural sugar in the bamboo chopping board.

Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo steamer is another great option for buying something for the kitchen. You can steam the vegetables, fish or meat to eat healthy food. Bamboo is really a great plant that is water resistant and also resists the fungal growth. These features make it a perfect choice as bamboo steamer.
Also in the list of kitchen bamboo gifts you have the option of bamboo tableware, Bamboo kitchenware and bamboo tea service.

Bamboo Toys

If you are looking for gift ideas for kids then try buying the bamboo toys. You have plenty of option here such as bamboo cars, bamboo wood puzzles, bamboo games, bamboo longboards,

Bamboo Bags

Girls simply love bags. Bamboo bags are really very cool in look, trendy and stylish. Shoulder bag, handbags and shopping bags made from bamboo are the most popular ones among the rest of the bamboo bags. These are very tough and durable.

More Bamboo Gift Ideas

* Bamboo wind chime
* Multi purpose bamboo boxes
* Artifacts
* Bamboo coasters
* Bamboo fabric clothing, baby clothing
* Bamboo charcoal lemongrass soap
* Bamboo thank you notes
* Bamboo gift wraps
* Natural Body care products
* Yoga mats

Advantages of Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world so it is renewed at a great speed. If the hardness is considered then it is 16% harder than maple tree and at the same time lighter than oak wood. No pesticide is required to grow bamboo as it has some natural chemicals that resist the growth of pests and these are also retained after it is converted into a final product.

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