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Colleagues Farewell Gift Ideas

Bidding adieu to a colleague or coworker is often heartbreaking because of the associated feeling of separation. But it is a fact that must be admitted in order to move on with life.

It can be made special with Farewell gifts for colleagues.

A person leaves the organization in two ways. One is after retirement and the other is leaving the services and joining some other organizations. But in both the cases retirement or farewell of an employee can be a very emotional occasion not just for the person who is going to retire but also for his or her colleagues. So the colleagues farewell gifts ideas must be such that these become reminders of the days spend with you for the rest of his or her life. For this the coworker gifts must be appropriate and should have a strong personal touch of emotions.

Colleagues Farewell Gift Ideas

After spending so many years with a colleague-cum-friend in a known working environment, it is often hard to swallow the departure. Farewell gifts for colleagues are showered on the person leaving a working place as a heartfelt gesture of good times spent together. The gifts leave a lasting impression on the mind of the retiring person. It is not the material possession of the gifts but the memory of some unforgettable moments spent in the warmth of togetherness that invokes the mind of the retiring person with a sense of profound nostalgia.

Planning farewell gift ideas for colleagues or coworker doesn't take a lot of doing. There are an infinite number of gifts to choose from as far as Goodbye or Retirement Gift Ideas For Colleagues are concerned.

You can buy the farewell gift for coworker or colleague according to:

  • Gift to remember the Company
  • Gift to remember the Workplace
  • Gift which can be used in next job
  • Gift symbolizing the contribution in work

Photo Collages

This is really a very nostalgic farewell gift ideas for colleagues. If possible collect different photo of your friend who is going to retire or just resigning the organization. These photos can be from different time period and of different moods and work. Make a big collage of these photos and present this at the time of farewell party. You can also give nice caption on each photo. The photo collage then can be framed or you can get it printed on some T shirt, or some other fabric that can be kept as a token of love. This can be a great farewell gift ideas for colleagues.

If not collage then you can take the most memorable photo of your colleague or coworker and get it printed on Mug, plate, pillow cases or even you can make a photo locket of this picture.

For more emotional touch do sign the photo collage at the back with some good colleague farewell quotes.

Advent Calender

Now if you are looking for some very unique colleagues farewell gift then you can make an advent calender. Take the photos and convert them into a special calender, depicting each memorable day and event of the last years that you have spend together. You can describe the time he or she got promoted, birthday, anniversary and other such special occasions.

Travel Gifts to Colleagues

If the colleague who is leaving is a travel freak then the travel gifts can be just the perfect gift for him or her. You can present a map, travel books, travel guides, important and unexplored destinations and anything that is related to travel. Also you can gift a traveling bag again with memorable insignia or pictures.

Personalized Farewell Gifts for Colleagues

Personalized gifts is another way of showing your attachment and love for the other person. You can present the following gifts to your colleague:

  • Personalized Keepsake
  • Personalized Retirement Signature Platter
  • Personalized clock
  • Forget-me-not in Flower Vase
  • Personalized Bracelet
  • Scrap Book
  • Personalized Post Card
  • Personalized Cuff-links
  • Pen with Personalized case


Although this does not live forever but it can accompany the other personalized farewell gifts. You can buy Truffle, Chocolate basket etc.

More Coworker Farewell Gift Ideas

A nice wristwatch accompanied by a bouquet of white Roses can make the departing member of a team of co-workers replete with joy.

Farewell Gift Ideas For Colleagues may also incorporate of a number of mementos or souvenirs of remembrance such as key chains, tea pots or wall hangings. It is not at all necessary to spend big to plan big. Farewell Gift Ideas For Co-workers must reflect the taste and sophistication of other employees as well. By considering the Gift Ideas For Colleagues, one would be able to get an overview of the working culture of a particular company or organization

Books as farewell gifts still remains one of the commonest type of farewell gift ideas for colleagues. Books on how to keep yourself busy, hobby pursuing and what to do after retirement can be a very good idea for colleague farewell.

Other common type of coworker farewell gift ideas include collection of his or her favorite songs.

Hence picking up the right kind of farewell gift for colleague is not a difficult thing. All you need is to know the likes and dislikes of your colleague or a coworker. All the above mentioned farewell gift ideas for colleagues can be used both for male and female colleague but also there are different set of gifts for women employees as well. While for the adventure-loving men, gifts like trekking shoes and prepaid phone cards can mean a lot, women prefer apparels As farewell gifts. Know more gift ideas for women

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