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Best Gift Ideas for Male Boss

Are you planning to buy a gift for your male boss and widen the smile on his face?

Finding the perfect gift for “his highness” is really confusing. If you plan to give something too glitzy and big, it could convey a lot of misinterpreted and spicy messages – this would especially be embarrassing if you are from the opposite sex. The best gift ideas for male boss involve something that would reflect your feeling of admiration and gratitude, for the support and cooperation he has rendered in bringing out the best work from you.

Male Boss Gift Ideas

You do not have to wait for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Annual Day or Christmas. Whenever you feel like appreciating him for all the support and positive criticism in making you a responsible employee, you can do so with a gift. Some of the best male boss gift ideas are as follows:

Electronic Cigarette:

If your boss is a chain smoker, you can cut down the bad effects of smoking by gifting him with an electronic cigarette. These cigarettes smell and taste like real ones, without actually causing any harm. The nicotine content in the filter is very much lower than that of a normal one. This gift not only improves the health of your boss, but will also save his close associates from the negatives of passive smoking.


If your boss is a movie buff, new releases DVDs and CDs would make great gifts for him. However, before buying these gifts you need to verify that he does not already own it. You can also make the gift more attractive and innovative by including a movie theater candy, a bucket of popcorn and a case of pop, along with the DVD. It would create the perfect ambience for an evening of entertainment. Without spending a huge amount of money you can impress him and show your true feeling for him.

Golf Gears:

If your boss is an ardent golfer, nothing could be better than gifting him with a pair of golf clubs. Apart from golf clubs, you can also give him a pendulum-putting rod for improving his swing. You can also give him target circles for his yard and practice greens for his office chamber, so that he can practice the distance shots. However, if these gifts mean that you need to shell out a huge amount of money from your pocket, just monogrammed golf balls could also bring a smile on your superior’s face. You can find many online stores which offer these items at reasonable prices.


If you are already working with your boss for quite some time and spending many happy moments together, you must know like everyone else in the office about his favorite collection. You can check with his closest associates or even his family to know what he does not already own. You can buy any item for his collection from reliable online stores. If you find that buying such an item would be too expensive for your pocket, you can buy a thing that helps him to display the collection or protect it. These could be glass-covered frame, on which collections can be mounted.? The sizes of these frames vary according to the nature of collectibles.

Electronic Gadgets:

Like most men, if your boss is also a technology geek, then you can buy any latest electronic gadget or gizmo. You can buy him anything that is battery operated or electronic that can be of any nature, ranging from electric shaver to memo pads, foot or back massager, games, ipods, cell phones, electronic diaries, digital calendar, digital photo album, laptop kits, personal organizer or PDA, mini USB refrigerator, and so on.

Food Basket:

If you know nothing about your superior’s personal taste or style, it would be better to gift him with a food basket. You can buy such baskets from online stores and get it delivered directly to your boss’s home. The baskets come in attractive sizes and designs.?

Apparel and Accessories:

You can augment your superior’s business apparel and dressing style by gifting him with a leather briefcase. You can also enhance his style and look with a pair of cuff links or tie tacks. Whether you are planning to buy a briefcase or a tie tack, the look should be elegant and complement his strong personality.

Apart from these presents, some best gift ideas for male boss also include wallets, wine opener, books, sports jersey of his favorite team, and so on. The gifts would definitely express your feeling and make him feel special and happy.

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