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Best Gift Ideas for Female Boss

Do you want to thank your boss for the support, encouragement and constructive criticism she has provided you to make your job easier and turn you into a more active and knowledgeable employee?

Gifts can be the best way to show your appreciation and feeling for your boss. These best gift ideas for female boss would surely reflect your thanks and admiration.

Gift Ideas for Female Boss

Female boss gift ideas depend on the occasion as well. The gift that you can present on Christmas may not be suitable for giving on her birthday. However, you do not have to wait for any occasion to show your respect and gratitude. You need to choose such gifts that would make your senior feel that she is truly appreciated for guiding you and being a great boss. The gift needs to be thoughtful, without being too intimate.

Some of the best and perfect gift ideas for female boss could be –


Flowers bring a wide smile on anyone’s face. Getting flowers from a junior would certainly make your boss’s day! However, you should not give a large bouquet and create an uncomfortable situation. Especially, if you are a guy, it will not be a smart decision to get involved in a spicy rumor, despite having no other intention. The best thing would be to present a blooming potted plant to your boss. The blooming flowers would certainly reveal her feminine style without making the gift too personal.

Photo Frame:

You need to buy such a photo frame that would look both simple and elegant. The frame should reflect the personality of your boss. You can take a print out of your boss’s picture, taken on an office picnic or any such joyous event. Your boss would certainly be happy and impressed with the gift.

Pen Sets:

A set of pens definitely reflect the professionalism values that you feel for your superior. You can buy a pair of elegant and stylish looking pens that would always remind your boss that you have given enough thought and time in choosing this gift for her.


Any woman just loves chocolates. You can make your boss feel special all through the day by gifting her with a box of expensive chocolates. You will also feel happy seeing her surprise and pleasure on viewing the large chocolate box on the table. Instead of chocolates you can also give her cheesecake, pastries or special frozen desserts.


There is hardly any woman in the world who does not like perfume. The fragrance reminds a person of the good and happy times of the past. It also conveys the happier times that you wish for her in the coming days. However, you need to work a bit for this gift. You need to do a bit of research or converse with a close associate of your boss to find out her favorite fragrance. You can look into different online sites and find some original scent according to your boss’s taste. This awesome gift would certainly gain her appreciation.

Spa Pack:

All women enjoy feeling feminine. If your superior is health and fashion conscious, you can make her happy by gifting a spa pack in a nice and famous parlor. The spa package would surely help her relax and rejuvenate her mind and body after a week of hectic chores. It would surely make her happy and feel valued. This would also give her an opportunity to spend some pampered time with herself and energize her for the following working days.

Designer Tote:

Buying a designer tote does not mean that you need to spend a fortune. There are a lot of online sites that offer these designer totes at affordable prices. A leather tote would be perfect for bringing out the elegance and dignity of your boss for an evening date. You can gift smaller ones also to keep cosmetics, personal or official items. Your boss would be overjoyed in receiving this gift. It would certainly convey that you truly care for the guidance and support she has given you in bringing out the best from you.


You can make your boss happy by gifting a quality book. You need to find out her likes and dislikes. If she is fond of travel, you can gift her with a book on different places in the world. If she is fond of social media, you can make her day by gifting a quality and informative book on that subject.

Coffee Mug:

Organizing responsibilities of subordinates and tackling different problems in the office is surely not an easy task. No wonder, your boss needs to drink coffee two or three times in a day. You can look thoughtful by gifting her with a coffee mug. You can also personalize it by embossing her picture on the cup and writing a few lines that would express your gratitude for being such a supportive person at work.?

Notebook Planner:

This would be very useful and your boss would certainly be able to manage her work more smoothly in organizing the daily schedules, which include meetings, trainings, appointments, and such other events.

While thinking about the best gift ideas for female boss, you need to consider her personality, hobbies and taste as well. You also need to keep in mind the way of presenting it by observing the proper official gift etiquettes. Any item from these best gift ideas for female boss would certainly impress her and make her feel appreciated and special.

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