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Various Unique Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Children

So it is your kid’s birthday and your are confused what to buy as birthday return gifts for the children who will be coming to your home for the party. While buying gift keep in mind the age of the kids and buy gift accordingly. Also you have to decide your budget and try no to go beyond a set budget.

Finding the perfect gift is a difficult task. So to help you further here we have a list of various unique birthday return gift ideas for children. You can select these gifts ideas according to your budget.

Temporary Hand Tattoos
Temporary animal hand tattoos is a perfect return gift ideas especially for boys. These animal tattoos are glued on index finger and thumb and the face of the animal with big eyes looks wonderful.

For girls you can buy angel tattoos, Barbie girl tattoos and butterfly tattoos.

Desert Biodome Kit
The Desert Biodome Kit has about 25 different and unique plants. Kids will love to grow plants as this kit contains Sprouting and Growing Dome, Cacti Seed Pack, Succulent Seed Pack, Natural Gravel, Natural Sand, Natural Stones, Planting Mixture, 3 Color Plant Stakes and Instructions and Information Booklet. This is unique birthday return gift ideas for children age between 6-10 years as this gives them learning, education and at the same time fun. Children will love to see the plants growing with their efforts. You can buy this at Barnes and Nobles.

Hydro Powered Clock
This a really a very unique birthday return gift ideas for children. This hydro powered clock consists of water-powered batteries and two electrodes of special alloy. On immersing these electrodes in water carbon particles are activated to produce energy. So if the kid understands science then this can be one of the best return gift ideas for kids. Fun while learning is the fundamental rule behind this gift. You can buy this gift at Perpetual Kid.

Laptop for Kids
Let the kids live in style and make their learning easy. If you can afford then you can present kid’s laptop as a return gift. Laptop for kids can teach these children rhymes, words, numbers and many more things.

Teach Me Time by Barnes and Noble
This is a beautiful electronic clock that talks beside alarm clock. It has a time teaching tool and nightlight. At night it emits yellow light and changes to green in the morning. You can set the time for light change.

Mega Bloks Ni Hao Kai-Lan
This is one of the best preschool building blocks and helps kids in having fun in Ni Hao, Kai-lan world with this Buildable Bedroom toy by Mega Bloks! You can buy this at Amazon.

Walkie Talkie Watch Set
These are the walkie talkie set in watch that can get reception for up to a mile and a half. This set has fully functional watch, walkie talkie, 22 channels, VOX auto talk technology. With this technology you can talk without pressing the button. This product is available at Discovery Channel Store.

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