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Celebrate Time with Environment Friendly Gifts

Do you feel excited during a celebration time? Does the thought of receiving and giving gifts from families, friends and neighbors bring a wide smile on your face? Have you ever thought of celebrating festivities and environment simultaneously? Like our dearest and nearest people or things, our earth needs love and care as well. So, why we should not opt for celebration time with environment friendly gifts?

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Some environment friendly gift ideas to celebrate different occasions could be as follows:

Electronic Cards/Sms: In this world on Internet, the best way to save paper is by opting for e-cards and sms. Instead of buying paper cards and be responsible for another tree’s death, you could easily find any good site on greetings card on net. Nowadays, an e-card is very much attractive with flashy designs, animations and music. Your friend or family will simply be overjoyed to see the card. You can also send sms by just clicking your thumb several times. You can find several sites having interesting and attractive short messages on different occasions.

Small Gift Items: You can make small items like coffee cups, beer mugs, pen or pencil stands, or such other things from recycled plastic, glass, paper, metal. You can also prepare these things by used candles, soaps, or food. Instead of glass beads you can decorate these things with dried fruit seeds.

Attractive Gift Wrap: Instead of buying a wrapping paper from the store, you can make your own “green wrap” by using magazines, catalogs or newspapers. You can also use old cloth items as wrapper. For example, if you want to gift your mom a cookbook, you can make it more personalized by wrapping an old dish towel or a scarf.

Green Doll-House: If you want to gift your daughter a doll’s house, nothing could be better than to make it yourself. Just find out some old planks in the garage and fix them to make the doll’s house. You can even put LED lights as lighting. You will feel even more pleased manually making the house for your little bundle of joy than buying one from the store.

Paper Food Tray: You can use handmade paper to make a food tray. These gifts are very useful to women. You can present your sister, sister-in-law or even girl friend or wife with a paper food tray. Handmade papers come in attractive designs, which range from casual to elegant ones. You need to buy the sturdier papers to make the tray. This makes an awesome eco friendly gift.

Plant: Nothing could be a better environment friendly gift than a plant. You can gift a potted plant to your friends. Nurturing a plant means contributing more toward making the ecosystem carbon free.

Along with gifts, you also need to make the people around you environment conscious, so that they cut down on wastage and save natural resources. Make your family and friends aware and urge them to use reusable bags and refillable bottles.

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