Creative Wedding Gift Ideas for Husband

Thinking of gifting something unique to your husband on your wedding day?? Getting hitched?? Well, finding a perfect wedding gift can be challenging at times. Afterall, this is your first gift to your husband and has to be grand and exclusive; something unique to celebrate the beginning of your new life together.

The problem lies in choosing the perfect gift that will steal his heart away. You may or may not know well his likings and fascinations, and that makes your job all the more difficult. To help you out, here are some of the creative wedding gift ideas for your husband. Check on some of these, and you will always cherish that smile on his face on discovering your special gift!!

Creative Compilations
This can really be a creative gift idea for husband. Compile and present all the elements of your husband’s interest in a beautifully decorated gift basket. If he is a sporty, you can package the basket with tees, sport socks, balls, team jersey, a towel or a water bottle. To add a zing to it, keep a pair of tickets to his favorite team’s game. You can also team the basket with his favorite books, CDs, music videos, perfume, a stylish watch or a gold ring. This compilation will surely melt his heart and he will love it!!

Exotic food and drink packages
It has been rightly said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. To keep it very simple yet romantic, bake him a lovely cake on your wedding day itself. This will absolutely astonish him fill his heart with love. Otherwise, order for a monthly gourmet gift package through the online retailers. This package includes exotic meals, fruits, desserts, beer and wine gifted to your husband for the entire month; the most innovative anniversary gift idea.

Romantic Getaway Tour
Treat your ‘special someone’ with a romantic getaway tour to his favorite destination. Men like surprises as much as women do. This can be the best among other creative gift ideas, to spend the most precious moments together amid the beauties of the world. Book a honeymoon cruise for him, and leave him mesmerized!!

Perfect Romantic Collage
Collect all the photographs of the romantic moments you both shared together before marriage. Make a nice collage out of all these and gift it to your husband. Nothing can be ore romantic than cherishing the time spend together.

A Relaxing Spa Retreat
Marriage ceremony comes with a lot of stress and anxiety much ahead of the big day. Pamper your husband with a relaxing spa massage on your own, or book a romantic spa treatment for two. You will feel the magic of romance working!!

Being a little innovative in your gift selection would only add to the pleasure of your relationship and make it stronger. It doesn’t needs to be materialistic always. A sweet kiss or a cozy hug can also be a memorable gift for his lifetime. Try these creative wedding gift ideas for husband and it will be cherished and appreciated long after your marriage day.

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Celebrate Time with Environment Friendly Gifts

Do you feel excited during a celebration time? Does the thought of receiving and giving gifts from families, friends and neighbors bring a wide smile on your face? Have you ever thought of celebrating festivities and environment simultaneously? Like our dearest and nearest people or things, our earth needs love and care as well. So, why we should not opt for celebration time with environment friendly gifts?

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

Some environment friendly gift ideas to celebrate different occasions could be as follows:

Electronic Cards/Sms: In this world on Internet, the best way to save paper is by opting for e-cards and sms. Instead of buying paper cards and be responsible for another tree’s death, you could easily find any good site on greetings card on net. Nowadays, an e-card is very much attractive with flashy designs, animations and music. Your friend or family will simply be overjoyed to see the card. You can also send sms by just clicking your thumb several times. You can find several sites having interesting and attractive short messages on different occasions.

Small Gift Items: You can make small items like coffee cups, beer mugs, pen or pencil stands, or such other things from recycled plastic, glass, paper, metal. You can also prepare these things by used candles, soaps, or food. Instead of glass beads you can decorate these things with dried fruit seeds.

Attractive Gift Wrap: Instead of buying a wrapping paper from the store, you can make your own “green wrap” by using magazines, catalogs or newspapers. You can also use old cloth items as wrapper. For example, if you want to gift your mom a cookbook, you can make it more personalized by wrapping an old dish towel or a scarf.

Green Doll-House: If you want to gift your daughter a doll’s house, nothing could be better than to make it yourself. Just find out some old planks in the garage and fix them to make the doll’s house. You can even put LED lights as lighting. You will feel even more pleased manually making the house for your little bundle of joy than buying one from the store.

Paper Food Tray: You can use handmade paper to make a food tray. These gifts are very useful to women. You can present your sister, sister-in-law or even girl friend or wife with a paper food tray. Handmade papers come in attractive designs, which range from casual to elegant ones. You need to buy the sturdier papers to make the tray. This makes an awesome eco friendly gift.

Plant: Nothing could be a better environment friendly gift than a plant. You can gift a potted plant to your friends. Nurturing a plant means contributing more toward making the ecosystem carbon free.

Along with gifts, you also need to make the people around you environment conscious, so that they cut down on wastage and save natural resources. Make your family and friends aware and urge them to use reusable bags and refillable bottles.

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Surprise Gifts for Husband for a Healthy Relationship

Do you want to add some spice in your married life? Would you like to get that old heat and frenzy back? It is not enough to start a life with your partner with a sizzling romance. You need to keep the romance in your married life on-going for months and years. In order to get the romantic spark occasionally in your life, you need to give surprise gifts for husband. These will not only bring a smile on his face, but also make him feel that he is the most important person in your life.

Husband Surprise Gift Ideas

Keeping the romance alive in your daily hectic schedule is really grueling. Gifts always bring a smile on the receiver’s face and make him feel special. Gifts do not mean spending a lot of money. You just need to pay attention when your husband mentions anything he likes. Some surprise gift ideas for husband which would definitely sprinkle romance into your married life are –

Books: If your husband is fond of reading and likes any particular subject, you can surprise him by gifting a book. The book could be of any topic depending on his interest, ranging from a new novel to a magazine on sports or technical gadgets. It could be even be a book on business or politics. Just think of your hubby’s choice before buying.

CDs/DVDs: If your hubby is fond of music, you can gift him some latest albums. You can also buy his favorite classic movie. This can be a good gift idea.

Sports Tickets: You can surprise the love of your life by gifting him tickets for the upcoming baseball or soccer match everyone is talking about. Imagine how ecstatic he would be!

Massage: Surprise your spouse with a full-body massage. This would surely bring many romantic brownie points in your “relationship account”. Even if you do not have much time to spare, a ten minutes massage on your hubby’s tired feet after a long day of work would make him happy.

Romantic Cards/Messages: In this world of e-mail and sms, it would be great to surprise your hubby with handwritten letters or small messages of love. Even a romantic card telling him that you are remembering him every second would convey your feelings and passion. You can make it even more romantic by getting the message or card hand delivered during breakfast. It would certainly make his day!

Romantic Outing: You can plan a surprise romantic getaway to some nearby places. The outing does not have to be an expensive one. You can go to some nearby beach and spend the day taking a walk together. You can also go for a surprise picnic at a nearby spot. If your husband is fond of adventure, you can also plan some weekend hiking or biking trip.

Technical Gadgets: If your hubby is a techie freak, you can make his day by presenting any latest gizmos. He will simply be overjoyed.

Surprise gifts do not always mean buying materialistic things for the special person in your life. Listening to him and following his wishes would also keep him happy. Sudden shower of hugs and kisses will also flatter him and make him feel how much you love him. Check out birthday gift ideas for Husband.

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Various Unique Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Children

So it is your kid’s birthday and your are confused what to buy as birthday return gifts for the children who will be coming to your home for the party. While buying gift keep in mind the age of the kids and buy gift accordingly. Also you have to decide your budget and try no to go beyond a set budget.

Finding the perfect gift is a difficult task. So to help you further here we have a list of various unique birthday return gift ideas for children. You can select these gifts ideas according to your budget.

Temporary Hand Tattoos
Temporary animal hand tattoos is a perfect return gift ideas especially for boys. These animal tattoos are glued on index finger and thumb and the face of the animal with big eyes looks wonderful.

For girls you can buy angel tattoos, Barbie girl tattoos and butterfly tattoos.

Desert Biodome Kit
The Desert Biodome Kit has about 25 different and unique plants. Kids will love to grow plants as this kit contains Sprouting and Growing Dome, Cacti Seed Pack, Succulent Seed Pack, Natural Gravel, Natural Sand, Natural Stones, Planting Mixture, 3 Color Plant Stakes and Instructions and Information Booklet. This is unique birthday return gift ideas for children age between 6-10 years as this gives them learning, education and at the same time fun. Children will love to see the plants growing with their efforts. You can buy this at Barnes and Nobles.

Hydro Powered Clock
This a really a very unique birthday return gift ideas for children. This hydro powered clock consists of water-powered batteries and two electrodes of special alloy. On immersing these electrodes in water carbon particles are activated to produce energy. So if the kid understands science then this can be one of the best return gift ideas for kids. Fun while learning is the fundamental rule behind this gift. You can buy this gift at Perpetual Kid.

Laptop for Kids
Let the kids live in style and make their learning easy. If you can afford then you can present kid’s laptop as a return gift. Laptop for kids can teach these children rhymes, words, numbers and many more things.

Teach Me Time by Barnes and Noble
This is a beautiful electronic clock that talks beside alarm clock. It has a time teaching tool and nightlight. At night it emits yellow light and changes to green in the morning. You can set the time for light change.

Mega Bloks Ni Hao Kai-Lan
This is one of the best preschool building blocks and helps kids in having fun in Ni Hao, Kai-lan world with this Buildable Bedroom toy by Mega Bloks! You can buy this at Amazon.

Walkie Talkie Watch Set
These are the walkie talkie set in watch that can get reception for up to a mile and a half. This set has fully functional watch, walkie talkie, 22 channels, VOX auto talk technology. With this technology you can talk without pressing the button. This product is available at Discovery Channel Store.

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What are Different Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift Symbols?

Celebrating the wedding anniversary as per the gift etiquette adds beauty to the whole affair. There is a separate list of traditional and modern gifts which symbolizes something for each year.

Wedding anniversary gifts are selected on the basis of number of years the couple has stayed together in the marriage. More the number of years they have stayed together more precious will be the gift.

What are Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift Symbols?
Traditional and modern anniversary gift symbols are actually symbolic gift ideas in which the type of gift to be given is associated with the year of anniversary. Like on 1st year of wedding anniversary you can give anything made from paper as per traditional norms and clocks as per modern concept of anniversary gifts, on second year give copper or china and so on.

Who Develop the Concept of Traditional Wedding Gifts?
An American author on etiquette, Emily Post (October 27, 1872 – September 25, 1960) had created the original list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Emily actually made the list of symbolic gift for the 15 anniversary years and one for a group of five years after that. With time more and more years of anniversaries have been added to the original list. Also the traditional anniversary gift list now accompanies the modern anniversary gift list. Hence at present we have both traditional and modern anniversary gifts.

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift List

Year Traditional Gift Modern Gift
1st Anniversary Paper Clocks
2nd Anniversary Cotton China
3rd Anniversary Leather Crystal/Glass
4th Anniversary Fruit/Flower Appliances
5th Anniversary Wood Silverware
6th Anniversary Candy/Iron Wood
7th Anniversary Wool/Copper Desk Sets
8th Anniversary Bronze/Pottery Linens/Lace
9th Anniversary Pottery/Willow Leather
10th Anniversary Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry
11th Anniversary Steel Fashion Jewelry
12th Anniversary Silk/Linen Pearls
13th Anniversary Lace Textiles/Furs
14th Anniversary Ivory Gold Jewelry
15th Anniversary Crystal Watches
20th Anniversary China Platinum
25th Anniversary Silver Silver
30th Anniversary Pearl Diamond
35th Anniversary Coral Jade
40th Anniversary Ruby Ruby
45th Anniversary Sapphire Sapphire
50th Anniversary Gold Gold
55th Anniversary Emerald Emerald
60th Anniversary Diamond Diamond
70th Anniversary Platinum Platinum