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Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

Homemade baby shower gifts are becoming increasingly popular choices for baby gifts. Homemade baby shower gifts are primarily given by close relatives, friends or neighbors.

The idea is to gift all these items of daily use in an inexpensive homemade package, filled with the warmth of love that went into making it. Homemade gifts for baby shower may include clothing, decorative items, photo frames, and also some useful stuff for the new mom.

Various homemade baby shower gifts

Popular choices for homemade baby shower gifts are painted pot, cross stitch, shower card, baby gift baskets, baby’s buffet, ‘pamper the mom basket’ and special wreaths for the baby.

Painted pots made of terracotta are in high demand. These are beautiful homemade baby shower gifts that require minimal labor and money. To make one ready for a baby shower, first the terra cotta pot or pots need to be painted in pastel shades. Next, you to have to decorate pot with figures like Winnie the Pooh, Tom and Jerry, or dumbo. Ink stamping or stickers may be used for this purpose.

Once, you are done with the painting part, the painted pot have to be filled with soft cotton balls, soft toys, or dolls. You can also use small bottles or tubes of a few baby care products.

A special shower card can also be a good homemade baby shower gift. You need white paper, pen, a safety pin or diaper pin, and a couple of diapers. First, you need to take a square of white paper and then fold the top left corner to the bottom right corner in order to make a triangle. Then, you can write a message in the center of the triangle with the flat side towards you. Next, the left and right point has to be folded to the middle. Finally, the package has to be secured with a safety pin or a diaper pin.

Your homemade baby shower gift can also include baby’s buffet. A baby’s buffet, which is a popular gift for baby shower consists of a box which contains small containers or jars of baby food. You can wrap an old used box or a big jar with a sheet of decorative paper and stick a piece of paper or card on it. A homemade baby’s buffet is very useful. It is very useful as the food will be used up, eventually and also cost effective.

Last Updated on 08/18/2010

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