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Handmade Baby Gifts

The handmade baby gifts undoubtedly makes for the best baby gifts as they have a personal touch to it. If this time, you have decided to gift your sister’s baby, a handmade gift, then you can take a look the suggestions given below.

Regarding the handmade baby gifts, it could be said that you could spare some hours from your tight work schedule and can make ‘Baby Sock Roses’. Making of this baby gift requires less time. The materials required for this baby gift item are a one package of baby socks, a florist wire, a florist tape, artificial leaves and a green stick.

At first, you are required to place the sock flat but the toe should point towards you. Roll the sock from the toe and continue doing it till it gets to the heel. Hold the sock tight and flip the opening of the sock around the sock that has been rolled. Then place a small wire through the bottom of the sock. Twist the wire to keep the sock in its rolled position. In order to hide the wire, you should wrap the bottom of the sock with the florists tape.

Now tape the green sticks with the help of the florists tape to the bottom of the sock. Make use of glue to affix the artificial leaves to the green stick. Your baby sock roses are ready to be gifted.

Another great handmade creative gift is the ‘Baby Perfume’. To make the ‘Baby Perfume’, you require one bottle of unscented baby oil, small decorative plastic bottles, a scent of your choice, a small funnel, a small bowl and colored ribbons. At first you are required to pour the baby oil into the bowl. Put the scent, which you have selected into the oil and blend well. After blending well, pour the mixture into the plastic bottles with the help of a funnel. Use the cap to seal the bottles. Allow the oil to set inside the plastic bottles and this may require 24 hours. Grace the bottles with colored ribbons. Your ‘Baby Perfume’ is ready.You can also gift the baby, handmade quilts or handmade blankets or handmade towels or handmade bibs, which you have made yourself.

Last Updated on 08/18/2010

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