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First Birthday Gifts For Baby

It’s your niece’s first birthday? You definitely wish that your gift stands apart from the rest? You also wish that you give the best birthday gift to your niece?

Still looking and searching for that perfect first birthday baby gift? Here are some suggestions, for you as far as first birthday gifts for baby is concerned. Take a look at the suggestions and it could be said without the slightest hesitation that these suggestions would definitely help you to a great extent to select a unique and special gift for your niece.

You could gift your niece a baby doll set. This ‘baby doll set’, which measures 8.5 inches, comprises a teddy bear, a carry bed that features four storage pockets, a 2 piece outfit, a diaper and blankets. It definitely makes for a beautiful gift. The ‘baby rocking horse’ also makes for a great first birthday gift. This rocking horse, which has been made out of hard wood features a bell in the tail. The best part is that the bell rings as the horse rocks. This gift would surely bring a smile on the toddler’s face.


Another special gift would be the ‘Pound ‘n Play – Toddler Toy’. It features four balls and a toy. One ball needs to be hammered through the hole and as soon as it is done, the ball is brought back by the hidden ramp to the front, where a mirror has been replaced. This gift does not cost much.

The musical toys also fall under the category of the first birthday gifts for baby. Out of all the musical toys, if you need to select one, then go for the Musical Lamb. This musical lamb, plays Brahms lullaby and it is this aspect of this gift item that makes it really unique. The other options as far as the first birthday gifts for baby are concerned are stuffed toys, educational toys, bracelet with the name of the baby inscribed on it, activity doll, puppy play set, to name a few.

Therefore go for a gift item, which you would love to gift to your little one.

Last Updated on 08/18/2010


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